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Kevin Witham


I have found Boost-Local an excellent and affordable approach to SEO management. 

Their reports have been very useful, they're quick to respond to any queries that I have in a very helpful and friendly manner and the results have been great.

Definitely recommend!

Boost your site with Fast, Effective & Proven SEO Ranking Solution

A set of unique products proven to work for a simple set price of $149.99 per quarter!


  • Strict White Hat Policy
  • Bespoke SEO Analyser
  • Link Exposure System
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Negative SEO Alert System


  • Unique Like-to-Follow System
  • Gain Likes & Follows
  • Look Established in Weeks
  • Improve Your Social Signals
  • Conversational Exposure


  • Guarantee Positive Reviews
  • Ask for Reviews Without Fear
  • Monitor Your Progress
  • Get a Positive Start Rating
  • Convert More Business

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a way of moving your site above other sites on the natural, non paid listings across the search engines. We’ve developed a sustainable service at a fraction of the cost normally associated with high quality SEO that enables any business, no matter how big or small, to feel the benefit.


We have been using Boost Local Rank now for around a year and have seen great progress in our google ranking and back link stats over this time period.

The support is always on hand to help out and as a novice when it comes to SEO this has been a great help!

Step 1. The On-Site Assessment

We make sure your site is relevant to your search terms and search friendly.

Using a unique piece of software, we’re able to re-enact what a search engine does when it crawls your site. The full results and what needs to be done will be included within your first report. Any changes that we recommend will take either you, or your web designer, no longer than an hour to complete. Don’t worry, if you get stuck we can carry out these changes for you.

Step 2. Search Engine and Directory Submission

We make sure your website is crawled over and indexed.

We submit your site to every search engine in the world. Search engine submission is a process of letting the search engines know that your website needs to be crawled over and indexed. We will also submit your site to a list of carefully selected directories. This will help lift the overall profile of your website and at the same time create some direct relevant traffic. We repeat this process every 3 months in order to refresh your content.

Step 3. Link Exposure

We build and then maintain a portfolio of natural, relevant inbound links.

At no additional cost you can opt in to link exposure during sign up. Link exposure, previously known as link building, is generally considered the most important on-going part of an SEO campaign. Your ranking across all the major search engines is based on the number of other websites that link back to your site. These are called backlinks, and the more backlinks your site has, the higher it will be ranked. Unlike link building, link exposure is 100% white hat because our partner webmasters will only place a back link if they feel a site has relevance, and crucially they’re not obligated to place any link. This combined with the frequency that we aim for, which is between 300 and 500 back links every 3 months, means you have no chance of being penalised by any search engine. We’re so committed to your SEO being white hat that we even include, at no added cost, our unique negative SEO alert system which guards against anyone running a negative SEO campaign against your site.

Jesper Cabler Sampson


We at Hotel Organic Ltd are very happy with your service and shall be continuing with your services after such a brilliant first 3 months we have had with Boost Local. Thank you for putting us onto this Excellent Service!


Our highly qualified technicians have developed a product called Like to Follow. It's a simple system allowing you to benefit from high quality likes / follows on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, from similar minded people wanting to assist each other. Like to follow generally results in around 5 to 10 new likes and follows per day and you can either opt in during sign up or at any point via your control panel (demo control panel).

Watch the video below to see how social media can impact your search engine ranking:

Harry Venturi


Boost Local has been excellent for us. They are incredibly quick to turn the service around and go live across our platforms. The process has been very easy and required minimal effort on our part.

We will definitely continue to use the service going forward!


Online reviews are now a very important part of the search engine algorithms

Your online reputation has become an important search and buying factor, which is why we have invested heavily into a product that's powerful, unique and included as part of our service at no additional cost.

How does it work?

During set up you will be able to create up to 5 questions, on which your clients will give you a score of between 1 and 5, via our white labelled client feedback site: www.feedingback.co.uk. You will then be able to set a positive threshold. This threshold will dictate the message that they see after they submit their feedback. So for example, you may set a threshold of 4 stars of above. This would mean that if the result averages 4 stars or above your client would be asked to submit a public review. If the result averages 3 stars or below your client would be presented with a message that you create during set up. This could be a message to ask them to contact you with their details to discuss their dissatisfaction and try to achieve a more positive outcome.

Laura Ciotte (PT)


After using Boost's Local my ranking has shot up and backlinks have increased from 0 to over 150 in three months and they have great customer service too!

Highly recommended.

You Are in Total Control
Built in house, our control panel is industry leading and totally unique

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4998 Clients Can't be Wrong!

Three Months Free With Coupon Code RANK100 At Sign Up. No Contracts!

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